Crawler stuck with m_DocumentFeeder Init failed contentpiobj.cxx ... error


Crawler stuck (crawl process continues for an unusually long time):


From CA search topology looks OK


From SharePoint logs:

m_DocumentFeeder->Init failed with 0x80131537                                   [contentpiobj.cxx:387]  search\native\gather\plugins\contentpi\contentpiobj.cxx

location: search\native\gather\gthrsvc\gthrapp.cxx(6708)  condition: !"Dismounting application with expected hanging status change"  StackTrace:
 at Microsoft.Office.Server.Native.dll: (sig=b37eb49a-4fb5-42f6-b173-5fd60276c25a|2|, offset=1F404)



Get Search topology with

SharePoint and Office 365 : Learning and Certification

- Where I can learn SharePoint?
- I want to be a certified SharePoint specialist.
- Please advice books, blogs, video courses to learn SharePoint.

About ancient Kazakhs

Will try to translate in english this joke-article from Askar Isabekov.

Ancient Kazakhs were tall blue-eyed blondes. And not because it is sucks to be a little narrow-eyed brunette, but because everyone knows that the real Kazakhs - a blue-eyed blondes. Legend has it - once in ancient times in one village in which they lived narrow-eyed and dark-haired Kazakhs, blue-eyed blondes came, and then all the inhabitants of the village came out and said blondes - you blondes are real Kazakhs, and we are not real. A blondes asked the fake Kazakhs - Why are we - real Kazakhs? And then fake Kazakhs responded blondes - And because the real Kazakhs - blue-eyed blondes. Here's a ancient legend.

SharePoint 2016

SharePoint 2016 - последняя версия, доступная в on-premises. Больше не будет.
Или будет? Поступают противоречивые сведения.

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