Project Server 2016

Submitted by Vladilen on Tue, 11/15/2016 - 06:50

As you know, Project Server 2016 is actually a service application on SharePoint Server 2016.
Which means if you want Project Server 2016, you must have SharePoint 2016 first.
But if you have SharePoint 2016 farm, it's much easier to get Project 2016. Moreover, once you build robust, scalable and high-available SharePoint, you get the same to you Project "for free".
NB: Project is licensed separately.

Hybrid SharePoint 2013/2016

Submitted by Vladilen on Sat, 10/29/2016 - 20:05

Step-by-step script of my recent Hybrid SharePoint 2016 - Office 365 implementation:


Office 365 Prerequisites

  • set and configure custom domain name
  • synchronize users (e.g. like this)
  • provide Office 365 licenses for hybrid users
  • (for hybrid search or Sharepoint 2016 DLP) provide license for farm account

On-Premises AD prerequisites

  • AD group "HybridUsers" for hybrid users

On-premises SharePoint Prerequisites

About ancient Kazakhs

Submitted by Vladilen on Mon, 11/30/2015 - 06:05

Will try to translate in english this joke-article from Askar Isabekov.

Ancient Kazakhs were tall blue-eyed blondes. And not because it is sucks to be a little narrow-eyed brunette, but because everyone knows that the real Kazakhs - a blue-eyed blondes. Legend has it - once in ancient times in one village in which they lived narrow-eyed and dark-haired Kazakhs, blue-eyed blondes came, and then all the inhabitants of the village came out and said blondes - you blondes are real Kazakhs, and we are not real. A blondes asked the fake Kazakhs - Why are we - real Kazakhs? And then fake Kazakhs responded blondes - And because the real Kazakhs - blue-eyed blondes. Here's a ancient legend.

SharePoint 2016 Setup

Submitted by Vladilen on Tue, 09/08/2015 - 05:48

(the article is under construction)

How to setup SharePoint 2016 the right way. I mean the way wich can be used to start your production environment according to Microsoft requirements. This configuration can be scaled-up/out later, as availability requirements will grows.

We will have 3-tier topology - Front-End Server, Batch-Processing Server and SQL Server. All accounts nearly comply with last privilege principle.

Assumtion (what you should have already):

  • AD (Active Directory)

Server names, account names and domain names in this article is "for example", so you should/can use your own names.

Prepare hardware (or virtual machines):

  • SP16SQL1 for SQL Server 2014
  • SP16WFE1 for SharePoint 2016 Front-End Roles
  • SP16BPS1 for SharePoint 2016 Batch-Processing Roles

SP16SQL1 for SQL Server 2014

check h/w requirements