SPO Office 365 implementation caveats

Submitted by Vladilen on Thu, 09/05/2019 - 13:51

(work in progress)

  • External access. Users are get confused - which kind of account are required to provide external access to

  • Self-site creation. By default anybody can create a SharePoint site (Communication or o365 group connected). - require strong governance

  • Retention policy. By default retention policy for MS Teams and other Office 365 group based sites is 180 days. So if site creator ignore it or left the company - corresponding SharePoint site will be deleted as well.
    There is an option to delegate the site control to manager or co-worker.

  • SharePoint sites under Teams or o365 Groups. Dependent SharePoint sites are owned by o365 groups and the owner = group ID, so it is not easy (for SPO admin) do determine real site owner.

  • By default in new admin center Team sites are created as part of Office 365 group.

  • Teams or SharePoint? Team have a SharePoint site under. But everything is stored under sub-folder of the default library. This is what we do not like in SharePoint. So imho Teams are better for ad-hoc short-time collaboration, but regular SharePoint site is for better long-term information organization.

  • Big sites or small sites. having "unlimited" space, people tend to create more and more sub-sites and sub-folders under existing site collection, which leads to slowness, security risks and lack of management. 

  • Security. Site collections owners/admins are not always keep their sites permissions under control. What happens after Hybrid search Implementation is users are starting seeing documents that they should not have access to. It's delve feature to show documents that were not requested.

  • Majority of on-prem SharePoint sites have complex security structure. MS Teams have simplified security (owners and members), so 1:1 migration from on-prem to teams will not be possible.  

(to be continued)