Microsoft Search: roadmap and announcements

(Old) SharePoint Search: content-centric
(New) Modern Search: people-centric

Office graph = codename for collective set of services and insights we generate on top of the infrastructure that fast office graph group developed 
= social Intel concepts
(SharePoint home, Delve, OneDrive Discoverview) are derivatives of Office graph 

ms graph = API ( +universal search API)

Turing technology – understands you, answers your question e.g. hover over doc -> doc summary (based on “deep speed” AI model)
announcement at Ignite23-pages blog  

Modern Search: MS nailed the fundamentals, now start bringing it everywhere  – to Teams first, then SharePoint
Customizations  – a lot will retire – investing in more flexibility   – moving into SharePoint – PnP modern Search – custom result pages, webparts, branding theme; filters, refiners, scoping control  )  – search layout designer – wysiwyg editor

Core idea behind Microsoft search is coherence 

People use search in a different ways 
1) you have organisations who have a well-established intranet built around set of governance controls, a very clean architecture and they want to build a search into that intranet scenario; that’s why a lot of SharePoint capabilities are going to come along with Microsoft search for that particular endpoint
2) then you have other people who live their day in teams

Shared search engine results page (developed once – transitioned everywhere)
 Ctrl-F to search through teams (chats?) (contextual search)
Outlook search – more natural language
Image search ( before eoy, + 
teams chats, outlook groups conversations, yammer conversation -> bing,, sharepoint
bookmarks (new promoted results) vs qa

Targeting bookmarks for the specific audience based on device/OS, region, security groups

SharePoint Search Admin Center -> Microsoft Search Admin Center transitioning (Search and Intelligence Admin Center) – long-running project custom dictionaries, spelling suggestions – will retire, (move to a graph-driven spellar) 

promres – bookmarks Graph Connectors Federation with Azure Cognitive Search
PowerBI search vertical

Standalone Search  – AAD identity – Graph connector – Ingest your data – use Search = in Windows 10,  ( e.g. for those who have their data in other productivity suite, have no intent to use m365, but want to search)

Current state of SharePoint Search and Microsoft Search scopes

Bill Baer on Search:

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