SharePoint Search: Site vs Tenant Scope, Placeholder Text, Answers and Verticals

Service vs Site search

If you configure Verticals Query at the tenant level – i.e., Microsoft 365 Administration -> Settings -> Search and intelligence ->  Customizations -> Verticals
then search results will be trimmed everywhere  – SharePoint Landing Page, Office landing page (, Office App, Bing search (but not other sites).

Teams search will not be affected as from Teams you only search for teams content. Same for Onedrive and Yammer. Sites with site or hub search scope will not be affected too.

If you configure verticals at site level: Site Settings -> Microsoft Search -> Configure search settings -> Verticals
and want this be in effect – ensure site search scope is set to site or hub scope. But in this case you will loose answers functionality.

Global search settings – like acronyms, bookmarks and verticals – works only at tenant level search or at site leve if the site search scope is set to tenant.
If site search scope is site or hub – then site-level search verticals will apply (and no answers functionality will be possible).

5 thoughts on “SharePoint Search: Site vs Tenant Scope, Placeholder Text, Answers and Verticals

  1. sandhya

    how to apply organizational verticals to all sites.
    verticals configured in the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre will be appeared in the Organization scope.

    How to have these organizational verticals in all my sites

      1. sandhya

        Thank you for the reply,
        Do we need to run update all sites search scope to tenant. I have 4 hub sites and 400+ sites.
        How long will it take to reflect the change.
        Thank you in advance.

  2. Vladilen Karassev Post author

    It depends on your specifics, but I would not recommend that.

    The Microsoft’s search concept is to search for content depending on where you are – i.e. if you are working in some document library folder and use top search bar to search – the search scope would be this specific folder. The same is true for library, subsite and site. Even for Teams and Yammer. This is default behavior and it actually makes sense, because most of the time users work with their own documents.

    And there are always options for user to expand search from folder to entire site and from site to organization. Once user expand search to Organization – service-level configuration – verticals and bookmarks will start working. Site owner might want to build site-specific verticals.

    If you want to build nice tenant-wide search experience with easy access to all company news, policies, Q&As, acronyms etc. – the best practice is to have a Portal site (Home site).

    Home site


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