SharePoint Search: Site vs Tenant Scope, Placeholder Text, Answers and Verticals


Service vs Site search

If you configure Verticals at the tenant level – i.e., Microsoft 365 Administration -> Settings -> Search and intelligence ->  Customizations -> Verticals
then search results will be trimmed everywhere  – SharePoint Landing Page, Office landing page (, Office App, Bing search (but not other sites).

Teams search will not be affected as from Teams you only search for teams content. Same for Onedrive and Yammer. Sites with site or hub search scope will not be affected too.

If you configure verticals at site level: Site Settings -> Microsoft Search -> Configure search settings -> Verticals
and want this be in effect – ensure site search scope is set to site or hub scope. But in this case you will loose answers functionality.

Global search settings – like acronyms, bookmarks and verticals – works only if site search scope is tenant.
If site search scope is site or hub – then site-level search verticals will apply (and no answers functionality will be possible).