SharePoint Site Template, LookBook and PnP Provisioning Engine

(WIP – work in progress)

SharePoint Look Book

SharePoint Look Book – a site with a collection of modern SharePoint site templates. You can browse through dozens of good-looking templates… but how do you apply chosen template to your site?

Gotcha #1

There is a button “Add to your tenant>” and it says “You must be a tenant administrator to deploy this template.” Really? No.
Actually, SharePoint Administrator role is required to apply template from lookbook.

Gotcha #2

Next, when you try to get template by clicking “Add to your tenant>” button, it actually offers you to create a new site. But it also says “…can use existing URL”. Really? No.
When you type existing site Url into the “Relative URL to be used for the site” field –
You can get “Can’t add this template. The provided site is already in use and the current template cannot be provisioned onto an already existing site. Please provide a different URL” message:

Or, if you managed to enter existing Url, you might get: “Unfortunately your site provisioning at least partially failed!”:

PnP Provisioning Engine (TBP)