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Hair Care

One I decided to grow hair… It was just for the sake of experience – I always wanted to see “what if…”. Do I have split ends? What is my hair type? How to brush? etc… Long story short – I grew hair…

I thought all that marketing tricks like “this shampoo is only for that type of hair” or “you should use conditioner after shampoo” do not make sense. Honestly, I thought all these hair care products are just an instrument to swindle money. I did not know that I need to dry my hair…

Lucki me, I have a friend who is a professional hair stylist. She’s in her business for 20+ years, and she with her husband recently moved to Minnesota and opened a beauty studio in Ridgedale center in Minnetonka. So I got some useful advices.

But what’s the best is that they have a hair care online store where you can find hair care products from top professional brands – Alterna, Aluram, BaByLiss, Global Keratin,
Hempz, JBH, Keratherapy, Keratin Complex, Matrix Biolage, Milbon, Moroccanoil, Redken, STMNT, Verb etc. I recommend.