Using SharePoint REST API from Python code

Using Microsoft Graph API is a preferred and recommended way to connect to SharePoint Online and other Microsoft 365 resources programmatically from Python code. But if by some reason you are required to use classic SharePoint REST API, here is how it is done.


  • Azure Registered Application
    you must register your application in Azure and configure it properly
    • Authentication blade must be configured for authenticate as current user
    • Certificates and/or secrets must be configured for daemon app (unattended access)
  • API permissions
    your Azure app registration must have API permissions configured based on resources you need access to and authentication method chosen
    here is how to configure API permissions for your app
  • Office365-REST-Python-Client library installed

Using client Id and client secret to access SharePoint REST API from Python


Possible errors and diagnostic messages

HTTPError: 401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url…
The provided client secret keys for app … are expired. Visit the Azure portal to create new keys for your app or consider using certificate credentials for added security

Code samples at GitHub



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