Get list of new m365 SharePoint sites or teams with PowerShell and Graph API

There are scenarios when you need to pull only newly created SharePoint sites, e.g. get sites created since yesterday or get last 100 created sites. Usually other articles and existing PowerShell scripts solve this by pulling all sites from tenant and then iterating through sites to get only new sites. That approach is not nice and simply does not work in large environments. How can we get only sites created recently, not all sites? Here is how I use Microsoft Graph API to get only new sites.

Update (6/28/2024): Microsoft announced updates to it’s delta API for SharePoint, so I added option 3 – see below.


Let say you administer Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint Online in a Microsoft 365 tenant. You have a pretty big environment – ~10k or more sites and you want to quickly find just new SharePoint sites or teams (e.g. sites created recently – during last hour/day/week/month). This might be required for ad-hoc reports and for automation scenarios – like applying required configurations or assign some property value to all newly created sites.

With GUI it’s done easily: SharePoint Admin Center -> Active Sites -> sort based on “Date Created” – done.

With PowerShell – not so simple.
“Get-PnPTenantSite” cmdlet returns a site object but the object does not have “Created” field. It’s a web property (not site property). But to get a web object – you have to connect separately to each site and get root web object to check when the web was created. For small environments it is possible, for large environments it can take days… And still not nice.
“Get-PnPTenantSite” with “-Filter” option would help, but “…Currently, you can filter by these properties: Owner, Template, LockState, Url.”

Get-SPOSite – similar experience.

Teams + Exchange modules can help a little:

Get-Team | select GroupId | % { Get-UnifiedGroup $_.GroupId | select DisplayName, WhenCreated } | sort WhenCreated

but… 1) it’ll give you group-based sites only 2) it is not easy to automate 3) this might take long for large environments. I know much better solution:


Microsoft Graph API helps. It returns result in seconds and you can sort or filter results based on created date . Below are two methods: Option 1 is based on Search and filtering and Option 2 is based on Sites Search and sorting. So there are some pros and cons for each method.

Option #1: Microsoft Graph Search API.

Entry point:

Microsoft Graph Search API allows KQL in queries. So we can form a query with something like “created>=1/1/2021” and use entity type = ‘[“site”]’. Search should return only sites created after Jan 01, 2021.

Check PowerShell script sample here: Get-NewSites.ps1

If you are getting more than 500 results – think of paging.

Option #2: Microsoft Graph Sites API

Entry point:

This option is also based on Microsoft Graph API, but sites entry point, which allows search too and sort results by property “createdDateTime”. So we will just search for everything and select how many results we need based on createdDateTime property.

Check PowerShell script sample here: Get-NewSites.ps1

Option #3: Microsoft SharePoint delta API

You can use “Get delta” under SharePoint Graph API – check for details here. It says “Get newly created, updated, or deleted sites without having to perform a full read of the entire sites collection”. I’ll do my own testing, but for now check this:
Video: Microsoft Graph Delta Capabilities in SharePoint API


Video tutorial:

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