Providing Permissions to a Site for Sites.Selected App

How to provide permissions for an Azure registered application with MS Graph SharePoint Sites.Selected API permissions to a specific site via calling Microsoft Graph API from PowerShell.

We need an “admin” application – Azure registered application with with Sites.FullControl.All MS Graph API permissions. This method can use secret, so we need Client Id and Client Secret for this “admin” app.

We also need a Client Id and Application Display Name for an Azure application with Sites.Selected MS Graph and/or SharePoint API permissions provided.

And we need our “target” site Url.

With PowerShell scripts you can:

  1. Get Microsoft Graph Access Token with an “admin” app
  2. Get client (target) site Id
  3. Get current app permissions provided to client site
  4. Add read or write permissions for the client app to the client site
  5. Revoke one specific permission from site
  6. Revoke all app permissions provided to site

– please refer to the GitHub Repo Sites.Selected


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